A junkie’s greatest hits (part 2)

And the completed countdown…

Number 4: God’s Goal: Christ As All in All by Manfred Haller–There was a time when this would have dominated this list…it is still incredibly good; striking a tension between visionary Christology and prophetic criticism of current religious practices. Some of the most memorable quotes I know ring from this tome. Good reading…I used to buy extra copies and hand them out to friends…that good–really.

Number 3: Simply Christian by NT Wright–If I could buy a book for all my friends and say “read this…you will glimpse the heart of Christianity and rediscover what it means to be an apprentice to Jesus” it would be this one…sadly I’m too broke to buy one for all them…This book is theology at it’s best, shattering myths, crystalizing the discovery of God as He is and always shall be. It digs into the my heart and calls me onward and upward.

Number 2: Jesus Plan for a New World by Richard Rohr–When I saw the title I really knew I needed to read it…I knew it would change my reality. It did. It has. Rohr invites us into a contextualized understanding of the revolutionary Jesus who confronts the dominant regime of his day and longs to confront ours as well. The kingdom is sought first and only…it is taken by violence and we are to do violence (to the self life) in order to secure its presence…however it is a new sort of kingdom–devoid of competition and posturing, power and pretensions, where peace rules the day. I wish I could say it was in my library now but I loaned it to a friend who decided that rather than wait to get his own copy he would mark up and keep mine… ;)) It’s all good…I’m just glad to share the wealth of this one.

Number 1: The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an ordinary radical by Shane Claiborne–As my wife said simply: “It’s a book about love”…really I don’t very many descriptions about this book. It was an extremely quick (page turning) read…and it left me with hazy visions and shadowy impressions–like a half blind man seeing men moving as trees…strange though–it had broken my numbness. I was left blubbering, over and over…I would sit next to my wife in bed and just sob…Simple stories–I can’t really even remember their point…except love…love…To me, this book is the must read of every Western Christian…I pray more than anything that it simply awakens our heart to the reality: “that a new world is necessary, possible, and already here”.

well that’s it for now…though these other guys telling me their top books has made me want to get out and start reading more again…which is what I shall do…I’m off to the bookstore right now…