Hard Words

I don’t know about you but I find myself cheering when Jesus tells the oppressed that they’re the real lucky ones; when he ends up reminding the law loving legalists that they cannot possibly attempt to fulfill all the commandments and are therefore hypocrites or when he extends a disarming hand up to a guilty adulterous… this is the Jesus that I love and respect–of course it’s also the Jesus that never challenges me and never calls me to a deeper discipleship. Plainly put: he conveniently allows me to remain unchanged.There’s an old rule of thumb that I’d like to follow more often: when reading scripture don’t look for the answers you need (or want)–instead look for the situation you’re in–then apply those solutions given…And that sux! Because I’m not the oppressed poor man (in need of being told he’s blessed)–I’m the rich man who’s building bigger barn–to whom Jesus gives a hardcore, “Woe”! I’m not the Pharisee legalist–I’m the grace giddy disciples to whom Jesus sternly articulates that: “Not one jot or tiddle of Law will pass away…and cursed be the man who discourages others from transgressing the law”. I’m not the adulterous woman in need of a friend–I’m the forgiven person who he attaches the words: “go and sin no more”. Yikes.And suddenly Jesus is my rabbi again, not my best bro trying to give me warm fuzzy feelings. He’s beckoning me towards a new life in God. So…here’s towards letting Scripture (and really by that, I simply mean the life and ministry of Jesus–foreshadowed in the old testament, made visible in the gospels, and commentated on in the epistles) get inside of me and wrestle me to the ground.Hard words.