God Really Works

Here’s my spin on a story I heard today from a student at the college I work at:

“Let me tell you about how amazing God is!  I have never experienced God’s grace or love so strongly…  Last year two of us at the company I work for were up for the same promotion.  He wasn’t as qualified as I was. I had been with the company longer–and he was in a lesser job.  But God moved…and HE GOT THE JOB (…praise the Lord, praise the Lord...) I was so excited for him–to see God work on his behalf was just awesome.  Well a year goes by and they actually rolled me over into his old job!  I got a demotion–even though I was performing excellently. Isn’t that phenomenal? (oh yes…I see the hand of God).  But wait…it gets better…  With the economy being what it is–and with all the changes around our company–they just did a round of layoffs.  Guess who gets laid off?!?!?!?!  That’s right!  I DO!!!  They eleminated his old job!  Imagine–if I would have got that promotion instead of him then he would have been laid off.  Isn’t it wonderful how God works on behalf of those he loves?  (amen. amen)  So, now I’m facing financial ruin. I can’t afford my massive mortgage payment. I can no longer afford to take my wife out on our weekly date nights. We can’t even afford frozen pizza!  Thank God right?!?!?! (yes brother! yes!).  Needless to say, I’m praising God on behalf of that fella who got the job instead of me.  Thank God He really does answer prayers.”


No great epiphanies on this post…

It’s interesting, after over ten years of pursuing the church in a certain stream with definitive next steps, ambitions, anticipations and dreams, Jessie and I find ourselves downshifting into a new gear.

Uncertain about next steps, no specific ambitions to build or borrow, no form and function to protect and invest endless energies into…surrounded by a world of possibility…and honestly, that’s new…and that’s scary.

Keep us in your thoughts if you care to.  We’re trying to learn how to be present and be aware of God’s presence.

More soon.